Interpreting mountains of collected data can be a real pain in the ass (there, we said it!). Being able to see what insights lay beneath is a true skill. Within IceMobile we have a lot of experience making our data available to our clients in such a way that it is easy to understand. 

Guido Jetten
Guido Jetten

However, the task of explaining your insights and their relevance to colleagues and clients can be as difficult as extracting the initial findings. Just handing over a piece of data leaves too much room for interpretation and bickering about the details.

We like things clear and concise, leaving just that little spark of curiosity with the audience. Visualising data can be a way to get your story across more easily, if the visualisation is done well. Over the last decade, the British newspaper The Guardian has become an expert in this field of data visualisation.

They have been sharing their expertise for some years now. So last August the Customer Insights team thought it would be nice to take a hop across the Channel, to see how they work their magic.

During a masterclass the team worked on various visualisation challenges. The session was guided by Adam Frost & Tobias Sturt, Content- and Creative Directors at Graphic Digital Agency and both former Guardian employees. Needless to say that we had a very insightful day. 

Learning more about the masterclass and our CI team's eperience is only one click away!