The latest release of the ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app comes packing with a ton of new features!

Hans Ruitenberg

Touch ID had been the top requested feature by users all round, and we’re happy to say that it finally made its way into the app. You can now use your fingerprint to login and send payments, making the app much easier to use. And this feature is not exclusive to iOS, as we also support Fingerprint on Android!

We’ve done work under the hood to make sure that whenever the app launches a responsive web page, you remain logged in. This makes switching between the native app and responsive site of ABN more seamless. And when you’re in a flow on the responsive site and need to sign, it’s now possible to quickly switch to the app and sign with your identification code.

The Manage menu has been redesigned for improved usability, and the whole constellation of ABN AMRO apps is now accessible from the Tools menu, making it easier to discover and navigate to other useful services of the bank.

All in all it’s a big release, and there’s much more to come in 2017!