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Ice Mobile

Adding emotion to transactional loyalty

We are IceMobile

Our mission is to add emotion to transactional loyalty, which we uniquely focus on food retail. We believe we stand out by creating magic at the intersection of creativity and technology. By combining data & digital to deliver personalized mobile experiences we boost revenue and customer loyalty for retailers worldwide. 


IceMobile was founded by Ralph Cohen in 2002 with the vision that mobile internet would become the most important medium in people’s lives. Mobile technology would give brands the ability to offer relevancy and value while adding services to their customers, resulting in a more personal relationship and true customer loyalty. 

We've always acted on our belief that people, user experience, and tech innovation make the difference. That’s why we managed to become the national market leader in high quality mobile service development. Our solutions for clients such as KLM, Vodafone, Albert Heijn, Philips, Heineken, Samsung and ABN Amro not only resulted in a lot of prestigious awards, but more importantly: millions of people are using our services every day. 

In 2010 we raised the bar even further. We wanted to become the global market leader for mobile customer loyalty in the retail industry. That’s why we merged with BrandLoyalty in 2012, the global leader in loyalty programmes for food retailers. This basically made it possible for us to roll out with food retailers on all continents.

The merge proved to be extremely successful. Together with BrandLoyalty we are able to create mobile loyalty programmes for the worlds largest food retailers. By the end of 2013 BrandLoyalty and IceMobile were acquired by global loyalty leader Alliance Data (NYS ADS) which strengthened our position ever more. In the mean time nothing has changed our strong culture and mission to be the best mobile service provider for food retailers worldwide.



We believe that true loyalty goes through the heart. We also believe that the stronger the relationship is between a brand and its user, the stronger the business is and the faster it grows. And to build that commercial relationship successfully you need to deliver on both Emotional Loyalty (heart) and Transactional Loyalty (wallet). We have the experience and capabilities to create User Experience with- and for you that does just that. Let’s win over hearts and wallets together. 

Global footprint

Global footprint

Looking towards international expansion in 2012 IceMobile decided to focus on the food retail industry and merged with BrandLoyalty to become the leading mobile loyalty company in the world. Together with BrandLoyalty we have offices in 14 countries and are active in over 50. We work for the world’s leading food retailers in delivering loyalty services that win over hearts and wallets. 


Our beliefs that shape the way we work

  • Do epic shit!

    Make stuff that matters. Set goals you can’t meet to get further than you expected. Create a better world and have fun along the way.

  • Focus on people and all else will follow

    People are the basis of IceMobile. Inspired people lead to great products. Build great products to fulfill real customer needs before thinking about profits.

  • Change is the only constant

    To do rapid change we stay agile to stay relevant. We experiment and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

    To become indispensable you need simplicity. Details make the difference. A lot of little things add up to change an experience in a big way.

  • Magic happens at the intersection

    Combine creativity & technology to work in interdisciplinary teams. The key to creating experiences that people love lies at the intersection.


For us it's important to maintain an open and agile startup culture. This means we do a whole lot of fun stuff. Like going out for drinks on Friday afternoon, or during one of our epic ski trips. We also love to display our football skills at multiple events throughout the year.

  • Jeroen Pietryga (1974)
    Chief Executive Officer

    After his MSc in Applied Physics, Jeroen started his career in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble in 2000. Five-and-a-half years later, of which he spend four years abroad, he joined Albert Heijn (Ahold) where he was responsible for mass marketing and promotional campaigns. In 2008, Jeroen became Vice-President and head of the entire Marketing department at Albert Heijn.  When Format Management was added to his responsibilities in 2010, he became SVP and a board member of Albert Heijn. In 2013, Jeroen Pietryga started working as Chief Product Officer (CPO) at IceMobile, where he is keen to develop digital products that personally assist in the daily lives of consumers around the world. In addition to that role, he is a member of BrandLoyalty’s management board where he also contributes to Loyalty strategies and Customer Insights.

  • Julien Rappy (1981)
    Chief Commercial Officer

    After his Msc of business administration Julien worked for different leading movie production companies and digital agencies. In 2010 he became part of the management team of IceMobile being responsible for key clients such as Vodafone, Philips and KLM, helping them implement their mobile strategy.
    Since the merger with BrandLoyalty Julien is leading the digitalization of loyalty programs via the Bright Stamps solution, being responsible for sales, product development and client implementation.
    As a French guy born in the Rhone Alpes region, Julien loves food & wine, and is still searching for mountains in the Netherlands.

  • Joost Jongbloed (1976)
    Chief Operating Officer

    After completing his MSc in Social Science (specialization Marcomm), Joost started his career in digital marketing communications. Since then, Joost has held various lead commercial positions within telecommunications and global digital advertising agencies, helping global brands moving forward into the SoLoMo space. Fatigued by the status quo within traditional ad agencies and being a mobile addict himself, Joost decided to move to the frontier of digital innovation by joining IceMobile in early 2011. At IceMobile Joost and his team are responsible for the commercial growth of new and existing customers.
    On a personal note, Joost lives with his wife and two kids in the (by him so beloved) surroundings of the Dutch north western coast, where he is often seen chasing a ball on the soccer pitch.

  • Rutger van Bergen (1977)
    Chief Technology Officer

    After completing his BSc in Software Engineering, Rutger started his career in software development, implementation and support. In the years before him joining IceMobile, Rutger has fulfilled multiple managerial roles in the area of software development and architecture. Attracted to IceMobile’s unique mix of capabilities, people and ambitions, he joined the company in 2015. At IceMobile, Rutger and his team are responsible for the design, development and implementation of IceMobile’s solutions to clients and consumers. 
    Rutger is married and has a daughter, and enjoys living in a peaceful town close to the city of Utrecht, where he was born.


The past couple of years have been very good to us. We’ve won a whole lot of big awards like a Cannes Lion for a campaign we did with Samsung, an IxDA for Bright Shopper and we were named Global Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.