We are creative makers with a passion to create epic shit.

Our Story

IceMobile was founded in 2002 with the vision that mobile would become the most important medium in people’s lives. Over the past 15 years we’ve created award-winning apps and mobile experiences for all kinds of industries, such as retail, banking, travel, fashion, insurance, music, and more.

Our merger with BrandLoyalty in 2012 allowed us to expand globally, and specialize in loyalty for food retail. Now, we help companies to innovate with impact, and build stronger relationships with their customers.

The future is what excites us most. Digital disruption is about to hit retail. How will AI, automation, decentralized production and distribution impact people’s lives? These fascinating questions are the reason we’re in this business. We intend to drive the change.

What we believe

People are at the heart of everything we do. We drive innovation through understanding consumers, challenging our clients and empowering our colleagues.


Our values

Magic happens at the intersection

magicWhen you let people with different skills and knowledge work together, magic happens. This belief is embedded in the core of our company. We’re not just tech. We’re not just design. We’re both! At IceMobile, you bring out the best solutions by collaborating with different disciplines on a daily basis. And this collaboration extends to our clients and their consumers, too.

Do epic shit

epicWe get up every day because we have the drive to create. Making new things that have an impact. Innovations that shape the future. We challenge you to take the initiative and own your work. To do more and talk less. Dare to color outside the lines and create your own path. With your drive and passion, you can create work that has an impact on millions of people every day. 

Driven by curiosity

Wcuriositye are a curious bunch, always seeking to understand in order to find smarter, better, and more beautiful ways to do things. We believe in a culture of discovery, where you ask the questions that most people don’t ask, and you create experiments to learn and grow. By being eager and working agile you’re not waiting for change but choose to be part of it.

Be you    be you

We are a community of creative makers from various cultures, experience, and different perspectives on life. That diversity is what makes us tick. We ask you to be your unique self. Stand out in order to fit in. Together we are a collective of originals. We challenge, inspire, support, and take care of each other – also outside of work. #<3 

How we work

Disruption requires us to embrace change, that’s why we work agile. Creatives, technologists, data scientists and industry experts collaborate in multidisciplinary teams because we believe that magic happens at the intersection.

How we work

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+31 203 680 645




Mensinge 2, 1083 HA
Amsterdam, Netherlands 


Room 2006, 688 West Nanjing Road
Shanghai 200041, China


29 Avenue Aristide Briand,
94110 Arcueil, Paris, France 


351 King St E Suite 200
Toronto, ON M5G 0L6, Canada

Hong Kong

2104 21/F. Tower 1, Admiralty Centre
18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong

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Our management team


Managing Director

Julien Rappy

Director of Strategy & Design

Hans Ruitenberg

Director of Operations

Mark Deusien