Make it two! After the amazing success of AlfaStamp 1, Alfamart and IceMobile are proud to announce: AlfaStamp 2. The AlfaStamp 2 app will support Alfamart’s second digital-stamps collection program in Indonesia, where Alfamart operates more than 12000 stores.

Yann Gunther

With AlfaStamp 1 several IceMobile records were broken, especially the ones of ‘most stores participating in a digital-stamps collection program’ and ‘stamps collection program with the strongest digital penetration’.

To achieve even greater results with AlfaStamp 2, the user experience was made even more seamless; for instance, by simplifying the program registration process.

But most importantly, we are looking forward to announce more innovation in Indonesia very soon. Stay tuned!

Download links: App Store / Google Play Store