Where better to start this column than in my very own beloved neighborhood and street? In the west of Amsterdam, justa above WesterPark, the Spaarndammerbuurt is a lovely up-and-coming neighborhood. It is famous for the 'Amsterdamse School' architecture. This was the place where this architectural movement started.

Anna Witterman

In the beginning of the 1920’s a start was made with the construction of this beautiful neighborhood. ‘Het Schip’ by Michel de Klerk, which was meant to be a ‘Palace for the working class’ is truly a remarkable building thanks to its light red stones, curling facades and educational symbols.

Museum Het Schip

Today the Museum tells the idealistic ideas behind this famous and beautiful architectural movement. Museum het Schip provides excellent guided tours by extremely enthusiastic and well-informed architecture students.

During these tours you get all the facts and fascinating stories about the buildings, their purposes and the Amsterdamse School movement. You will also get the chance to see a designed interior from that period, which is something not easily see again.

These tours are well worth a visit! Although l have been there multiple times already, if you have friends from Holland or Amsterdam you probably can take them along since most people have not been there before, and no guided tour is ever the same.

Food and drinks

For excellent casual places for food and drinks, afterwards you must go to Spaarndammerstraat. There you can relax and see the large variety of people and places the neighborhood has to offer nowadays. Great choices for a casual stop with some very nice drinks, snacks and food would be Walvis or Bar Mick.

lf you are interested in a more spectacular kind of place (amazing View) go to the ‘REM-eiland this is located just outside the Spaarndammerbuurt (10 minute walk from Museum liet Schip) in ‘the Houthavens’ port of Amsterdam.