Small village in a big city Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. When people describe our beloved Amsterdam they say it feels like a small village. Did you know that Amsterdam even contains some villages within the borders of the city? Those villages can still be found, you just need to look in the right places. Within Amsterdam Noord lies the surprisingly beautiful village of Nieuwendam. 

Anna Witteman

Let’s go back to the year 1507. A great flood destroyed this region called ‘Zosenerdam’. After a new dam was build and the water removed, people started building houses again. A small village erupted and they called it ‘Nieuwendam’ (translates as 'new dam’ since the village was completely build on this new dam). Here you can still find beautiful captain houses from the sixteenth century and other tiny houses with wooden facades. This neighborhood is amazing to see so we highly recommend you to go there on a sunny day. Take a long stroll in this lovely part of Amsterdam and have a drink afterwards at Cafe ‘t Sluisje, which is located in a 300 year old sluice house.

How to get there? 

The best way to get to Nieuwendam is by foot/bike on a ferry. Take the ‘Oostveer‘ between Azartplein & Zamenhofstraat. (ferry runs around 4 times each hour). From there it is easy just go right to this little forest called ‘Vliegenbos’. Continue walking straight you’ll end up on the Nieuwendammerdijk, which is the main road of Nieuwendam.