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Another intern experience

Starting from the start

One month ago, I started my internship at IceMobile and since then a lot has happened. Being the newbie in the company, I started all my conversations with “Hi, my name is Shannon from Belgium. I’m the new communication intern. Nice to meet you!”. But now, I’ve been able to get used to my new environment. And with that, I mean the environment in the broad sense of the word. I moved to another city, I stepped into a tech company for the first time, I met lots of new people with jobs I didn’t even know existed and... I could keep going with all the first times I’ve faced so far but let’s get into more detail for some of those. I’d like to give you a better picture of what my start at IceMobile was like, and how I’ve been able to get used to my new environment so smoothly.

Dianna picture intern


A welcoming company

IceMobile is well-known to be a welcoming company. In fact, if you’ve read the previous interns’ blog posts, this is something that comes back in all those articles. Even though I was aware of this, it still took me by surprise. To understand my reaction better, I should tell you that it is my first time joining a company as big as IceMobile. I used to work in small companies and pictured “big” ones as unfriendly and unpersonal but Ice showed me how wrong I was.

On my first day, Diana (our #<3 manager), took me around the company to show me all Ice tips and tricks. This tour helps me to avoid those embarrassing moments when you’re looking around going from one person to another to find the way to the bathroom, for example. In 30 minutes, I got all the information to make people think that I’d been there for months already. Besides Diana’s help, I got a welcome box with IceMobile goodies, a warm welcome from my new co-workers and I even joined an introduction day at Brand Loyalty (See my previous blogpost). All those small things were proof that I made the right choice joining Ice.

Getting to know people

My internship, unfortunately, lasts only three months so I’m doing my best to make the most out of it. To do so, I tried to connect with my colleagues as fast as I could. A good thing is that people are eager to meet you and that makes your working life way easier. A tip for you, if you’re joining Ice, is to organize coffee chats. For me personally, my thesis was the perfect excuse to ask people to sit down for a coffee. During these chats, I got the opportunity to get information about the company and in addition, I was able to build a relationship with my new co-worker. Soon, instead of being known as the new communication intern, I became Shannon the communication intern which is way nicer, trust me!

Match made at work


New job, new tasks, new challenge!

During this month, I also discovered what I want to do going forward. I already had an idea of what I wanted to do but I still feared being glued to the printer, printing documents all day long. Then again, Ice showed me that I was wrong. When I print something, it’s because I need it and not because my lead has nothing for me to do. At IceMobile, this intern job is definitely a myth, and I’m getting more and more responsibilities every day. I’m currently in charge of the Instagram page and of the meetups, I’m taking over the social media strategy and there are so many others cool things that I’m doing every day.

All my day to day tasks are in some way related to employee branding which is the main topic of my thesis. If I chose to focus on this subject, it’s all thanks to IceMobile. I had vaguely heard about employee branding but working here made me aware of how important it is in a company. This is a real challenge for me because while writing it, I have to learn it from scratch but I love learning about this topic! In fact, I enjoy it so much that I think that I’ll keep going in this direction after my internship.

My conclusion after a month at Ice

So far, my adventure at IceMobile has definitely met my expectations. I wanted to know what I like to do and what I don’t like so much, and what I could see myself studying further. In one month, I’ve improved myself and learned about myself in so many ways that I’m eager to see the result after three months!

See you next month for an update on my adventures at IceMobile!

Shannon Baccus
Shannon inern