At IceMobile we organise different types of events all around the year. Especially this year was full of events including the #amazing summer party which was the definition of #iceyolo, celebrations among teams at the office, interesting Meet Up sessions in the field of Data Science, UX and development and of course node day.

Aslinur Ozkara
Aslinur Ozkara

Last February we organized nodeday near the westerpark, which was focused on our technical side and it was a great success. Almost 150 developers attend to this event to listen keynote speakers from Microsoft, Netflix and Paypal and to share knowledge. After the positive feedback we decided we wanted to do another one and this time for a different target group that is largely represent within IceMobile: Designers. There were lots of ideas and the initial plan was to organise a similar event as nodeday, but then we came up with an even better idea opening our office doors to everyone to show #howwedoit on the 26th of August. 

For a full “behind the scenes” effect, Design Open Day 2016 was the perfect name! Opening our doors to the people who are interested in our business and innovation in the field of design, at the same time and promising a full day with interactive sessions. Can you imagine a better day ?!(No, obviously) This way people can learn about design challenges and our business since we have an amazing agenda for the day! Open Day will be in the end of August so we are hoping to have a great weather -yes, hoping- so that the day starts with a kick off session outside by Saskia. She express her feelings about the event as “I am totally crazy about meeting new people! It is inspiring, surprising and fun! Can’t wait to meet all those creative minds”

Throughout the day you can expect three different sessions going on of which you can choose one to attend. For example Bart’s session. He will be giving the Jumbo case study so that you can learn more about the design process for that project and you can expect to “ Listen to stories of experienced ice peeps in your working field and meet with them!”

Anna says other companies always ask how we do UX research at Ice, so that during the UX Lab Bootcamp: we will be sharing our best tips, tools and tricks on how to do UX research in an agile process. 

You are also covered in the food section do not worry! As food is a big part of our culture lots of good food will be waiting for you with an addition of fun. Last but not least a goodie bag full of surprises! 

Hope to see you all there!


P.S If you are interested go ahead register yourself by clicking here.