On Monday 29th September Anna and Robin traveled to Berlin to talk about Pulse Testing at the Mobile App Europe conference. Pulse testing is a smart and simple method that makes it possible to do continues user testing that will improve the quality of your product and strengthen your teams during development.

Robin van den Oever / Olav van Dam
Robin van den Oever / Anna Witteman

Mobile App Europe was a very interesting conference. It covers a large variety of mobile related topics in a nice chilling environment where speakers and the audience had plenty of room to mingle and share ideas about the future of mobile. It was super nice to see our presentation was well received and we were excited that so many people want to implement our method. We made some interesting new friends which may even result in cool collaborations in the near future! The audience rated our talk 4 out of 5 stars which made us very proud. 

We’ll keep on optimizing our story (iterative as we are ;)) and continue to spread our learnings so that we can keep on inspire different people all over the world.

 We would like to to thank Mobile App Europe for its hospitality and the possibility to share our story with the rest of world.

You want more information about our talk? A copy of our presentation can be found on Slideshare and soon on the MAE2014 website. We’ll keep you guys posted about our adventures through the blog and other Social Media because the story of Pulse UX Testing will be continued… ;)