Bright Loyalty Platform 

With our expertise in food retail and our passion for the consumer we developed the Bright Loyalty Platform: a campaign-based loyalty platform for retailers and their shoppers. The Bright Loyalty Platform supports retailers with the execution of day-to-day loyalty operations. It contains flexible building blocks so that retailers can tailor the use to their specific business KPIs. It’s a cloud-based platform that’s set up to integrate seamlessly with your environment.


State-of-the-art loyalty technology 

The Bright Loyalty Platform is the beating heart that powers all your loyalty campaigns. You can access the platform and manage your campaigns through several web-based portals. Through role-based management accounts, you or others within your company can manage vendor funded offers, monitor your campaign or assist shoppers in stores, it’s all possible. 

Keeping your data safe

Compliant. Reliable. Secure. We handle your store’s and your shopper’s data with utmost care. Together with you, our experienced consultants determine the best way to handle any sensitive data. Our team of technical experts takes care of the secure communication between the platform and your environments.

Get the most out of your campaigns

Your campaigns yield a wealth of valuable data. By processing and analyzing data gathered from the platform, our specialist can help you gain valuable business insights into the success of your campaign. You can also monitor campaigns yourself using the business intelligence dashboard. 

Building meaningful relationships

Assisted by our experienced Customer Insights team, we help you reach out to shoppers directly, sending them personalized messages at key points in their journey. We also have experience connecting social media and chat clients to the platform.


For every question, there’s an answer. Our dedicated support team handles all incidents, both critical and non-critical, according to our guaranteed response times, response frequency and resolution time.

Connecting to your environments

Working with you, we set up an integration layer to seamlessly integrate your environment with the platform. The platform can connect to many different POS and CRM systems. Of course we also consider the networking infrastructure to make sure we create a stable connection to the platform.

Bringing worlds together 

Improve your customer experience with our omni-channel loyalty solutions powered by the platform. At the store, at home or on the move, no matter where they are, your customers can enjoy a seamless experience.

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