A solid merchandising strategy is key to any successful food retail business. There are many tools in market that help retailers offer consumers the right products at the right time, but most of them are limited to optimising leaflets and shelves for a mass audience, whilst consumers expect a more personal and convenient service.

Bright Punch lets you drive customer engagement in a completely new way, by linking your merchandising strategy directly to the end consumer.

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Our solution exposes a unique range of digital punch cards for every single customer, personalized by our recommender engine. Each punch card is essentially a mini loyalty program, encouraging consumers to collect towards a reward during multiple shopping trips. Bright Punch is powerful, secure, continuous and at scale through smart and self-learning algorithms running on our Bright Loyalty Platform.


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Our recommender engine analyzes customer purchases and generates offers that stretch spend by focusing on basket size, frequency, and/or category.

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Our management suite gives you complete control over the allocation of punch cards to consumers, so you can align it to your merchandising strategy and supplier deals.

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Collecting punches

The punch card is a recognisable and proven mechanism, fun to use, and visualizes progress towards the reward.

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One-to-one communication

Optimize program performance by sending customers personalized notifications at key moments in their journey.

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