This week IceMobile attended Careers in Marketing event at the VU University in Amsterdam. This event is organized by the University to inform students about their possibilities in the future. IceMobile was invited, with seven other companies, to present and inform the students about internships and careers. 

Leonie Plugge
Leonie Plugge

After 5 long minutes of cycling Saskia, Rebecca, Aslinur, Seyma and me (Leonie) arrived at the university. Kidding, we have the luxury that our HQ in Amsterdam is very close to everything. Many nice spots are less than ten minutes away. After a small talk with the teacher and a few cappuccinos it was time for the presentations. Rebecca represented Ice so well that it was very busy at the network sessions after.

Here at IceMobile you aren’t just an intern. You are able to work on great projects and you are free to present your own ideas. We offer different marketing positions. Besides the possibility to work on the communication department, it’s also possible to be part of the UX lab or Customer Insights team. In these teams you’re working on the what and the why behind big and small data. Doing actual 1 on 1 research with end users to figure out their customer journey and how we potentially can improve our product.

We love people who are selfstarters and (how corny it may sound) think outside of the box. 

So if you have any questions, a great idea or if you are just curious… drop us a line via jobs@icemobile and grab a coffee with us!

It was a great evening! We would like to thank the students and VU University of Amsterdam for having us.