In the previous posts I talked about how IceMobile cares for social responsibility projects and how this year’s charity project was for empowering families and children to increase the education rate in Indonesia. Last Thursday @BrandLoyalty office together with BrandLoyalty and IceMobile we organised “Casino Loyale”; a James Bond themed poker event.

Aslinur Ozkara

The day started pretty early for us, as the communication team we went to BL to help organise the poker tournament in the morning. I was both in the organization team and also a dealer for the poker tournament itself! The funny part was that I didn't know anything about poker until last week. Jose (one of the ice peeps and also the person who was in charge of the organization) gave three quick workshops about the rules of poker and after that I was ready to roll! (No, I was not..) However he didn't gave up on me and held two other workshops for dealers to master our technique. The last one was just before the tournament but I was not nervous anymore because I found out that none of the dealers were experienced at all -yeay, just like me-. It was all about having fun and raising money for the BrandCharity and IceCharity fund.

The poker tournament first started with the announcements about how much money was collected and IceCharity collected more than 4000€ in 2015-2016!  After announcements and the rules, the  tournament started and lasted for almost five hours! Imagine BL and Ice peeps together including the management playing poker for five consecutive hours! it was really exciting and full of fun to see everyone with their poker face on (obviously, with the help of “Casino Loyale" caps and sunglasses). There were 9 tables and in each round people who were winning were moving to a different table so that in the end there would be 1 table with the winners. The last part was the most exciting part in my opinion because there were 5 people from ice and 5 people from BL in the final table. Bets were so high in the final table that people started to fold one by one and in the end the final 3 were from ICE! (Ice ice baby)

It was a friendly tournament and the winner was Caio from IceMobile and Jose got the second place with Willem followed by the third place, both form IceMobile as well. All winners donated their money to the charity fund for children. Overall, if I need to summarize everything in one sentence that would be : “it was a great success”. It was full of fun with an ambition of a good deed.