Big data tells you what, small data tells you why

We approach innovation by deep diving into the needs, minds and motivations that shape consumer behavior. Without truly understanding why your consumer is doing what, innovation is far from being found. Our UX Researchers are design thinkers with a natural curiosity and empathy, and the necessary skills to conduct deep user interviews and ask the right questions. 

We use a rich stream of proprietary tools and methods such as interviews, context chats, consumer safaris, experience maps and generative sessions. With this fuel of insights we create breakthrough user experiences with strategy, research, design and agile development. We believe that research is not intended to make the researcher smarter and to create piles of research documents. We want to bring the consumer to life in all steps of the design process and with every stakeholder.

IceMobile research tools and solutions

Experience Maps

Experience Maps 

An Experience Map is the way we visualise insights and opportunities in a visual story, allowing this information to be shared more easily. It discovers the why beyond the what, so that you can find the consumer answers to your business questions. 

consumer safari

Consumer Safari 

Immerse yourself in the real life of your consumers during a consumer safari. We collect consumer insights from the place where your target group is, on a big event like a fair or at their own homes. 

context chat

Context Chat

With Context Chat we chat with a group of users through their preferred medium WeChat, Whatsapp, Line etc. We can see what matters to them in their own environment and over a longer time. Next to answering questions, consumers can send us pictures and videos of their experiences to make the insights a lot richer than your average survey. 

Pulse testing

Pulse testing

Pulse testing means continuously testing. We follow the iterative heartbeat of agile working and test in smaller sessions every development sprint. Our scrum team members become the reporters, as they watch the usability testing remotely, and write down the improvements immediately. No long reports and a real sense of urgency, with fuel for the backlog right away.