Every once in a while we try to recruit new talent. Sometimes you have to have some patience until your efforts will pay out, and when they do, you might even find some real talent.

Karlijn van den Berg
Karlijn van den Berg / Ralph Cohen

Last week Ralph Cohen and I went to the Anne Frank School in Amsterdam. This is the school of Ralph's daughter Enza. We taught a group of around 25 kids from the age of 5 to 7,5 what it’s like to create a mobile app. 

We explained the kids about what apps are, how you build them, who are involved (designers, programmers, testers), and what we (IceMobile) have created in the past (Appie, The Voice of Holland). Then we discussed which supermarket promotions they like best, for instance: collecting football cards, Bonkies, Wuppies and animal cards. After an hour of talking and answering questions, we let the kids come up with their own app, and design it. We asked them to design and think of something for the Brand Loyalty promotion Stikeez. As some kids are rather young, we decided to be flexible on the assignment later on, so eventually they could design just an app, not only for Stikeez. 

Every time we meet a group of kids, we are amazed by their talent. They all know exactly what apps are, how to download them and why they shouldn't press the advertising buttons. And once they start sketching, some of them end up with really amazing interfaces in which they thought of every important detail. Check out the pictures with details, arrows, home buttons, levels and of course Ralph’s daughter Enza: she's a real talent!