Lets talk about the general knowledge of a first day of an employee in a company. Normally you would be introduced to the people sitting next to you and then your first day begins. Very nervous, examining people, asking people to have lunch with a puppy face and probably doing nothing because its your first day. After 18.00 you go home excited for the next day and sleep early because you have work tomorrow right? And now lets see how my first day went..

Aslinur Ozkara

Introduction tour in the office with warm greetings, going to lunch with happy faces and at 13.00 people are gone?!

Gone because there was the Stamps team building event. So, I also went to see and take pictures- of course I am an intern!-

My so called colleagues were playing games for team building such as trying to build wooden bridges or human chair? (I don’t know how that game was called but anyway)  A great way to start a day! There I saw all new colleagues of mine having fun while showing how to work as a team. There I appreciated the teamwork it gave me a glimpse of how people handle their work load: as a team, helping each other, having each others back.

At the same time it was difficult because it was my first day and most of the people didn’t know me…However for some reason I was not feeling uncomfortable I felt like it was my first week not my first day.

After all of the games people were hungry and needed a drink (obviously) so the day continued and we all went to ‘De Veranda’ to recharge. My day got even better after a couple of drinks (it was about other people not me) As I told before usually the first day ends around 18.00 but mine ended around 22.30 not because I had to take an extra shift but because we were busy sipping cucumber gin&tonics.

In the end I went home -still excited about the next day- I was lucky enough to participate in such an event but I was even luckier to have the chance to be part of this wonderful team.