A fresh start to a new week because of the long weekend with the combination of perfect weather. So let’s see what I did last week. 

Aslinur Ozkara
Aslinur Ozkara

As you all know my first day at the office was an unusual first day so actually I experienced the usual or ‘normal’ first day on my second day. I started to learn more about my activities in the company; external and internal event planning, creating content for social media, reflecting the company culture, writing weekly blogs. At the same time I am learning the values that IceMobile care and respect throughout the initiatives they take such as doing charity work. 

First of all it is hard to find a company which cares about the world and the future of the children. As a part of BrandLoyalty and BrandCharity, IceMobile also participates in fundraising projects to contribute to the BrandCharity goal to help more children. So on my second day we sorted clothes, shoes, accessories and lot more to attend the IJ Hallen flea market to support 2016’s project ‘strong families > strong children’  in Indonesia. 

All items were donated by the employees and most of them were all cool stuff like their -old-owners. On a beautiful sunny and warm Sunday afternoon I went to see the Europe’s biggest flea market and of course to support our team. Even though it was very hot - for the ones who stayed indoors on Sunday let me tell you that after that day everyone got a sunburn- 9 people were at the flea market to sell all the collected items and I could see that after couple of hours most of the clothes were already sold!

Overall it was a really good -only 3 days of working- first week! I am still excited and ambitious to experience more in the upcoming weeks. Still observing and of course enjoying to the family like environment and the team spirit!