Each week I talk about the unusual stuff that is going on in the office and this week is my fourth week so now I have a general knowledge about the work and the people.

Aslinur Ozkara
Aslinur Ozkara

One thing I love about working here is that IceMobile gives people the opportunity to enhance their skills as well as their self. The other thing is that IceMobile cares for their employees a lot! We are greeted by big smiles and smoothies in the morning- of course not everyday- but it gives motivation for the rest of the week for sure.

IceMobile cannot be considered an ‘average’ company. During my internship so far I came across two celebrations and heard about previous celebrations for the 5th and 10th year anniversaries of the employees. In my opinion this shows that the company really appreciates and values their people. Both in Toronto and Amsterdam offices people go crazy -only exaggerating a bit-.

In reality we give out vouchers, a pretty personalised tile and thank people for being themselves! This is called appreciation people… Anyway apart from this did you know that the meeting rooms that we have are also fun -like people working here-. There is the soup, the cocktail, the snack, muse and the Wang. I was surprised by the fact that the name of the meeting room ‘wang’ was given after Wang Hu for his 10th year anniversary at the IceMobile. The table in the meeting room is made out of lego pieces by the colleagues of him and it took 3 nights to finish it! Imagine the love, respect and the ambition… Now this is something that you won’t see in a ‘average’ company, right?

There are also different ways to celebrate it such as making festive like decoration of the ‘lucky one’s’ desk or celebrate it through a short funny video clip by other members of the ‘5th year club’ . Overall it is nice to see how people you work with and especially the company you work for cherishes you.