On Thursday, we attended the 4th edition of Free From Food Expo and it was also the 1st edition of Functional Food Expo. They are both growing categories within the retail industry, since the consumer demand for healthy, safe and allergy free foods are increasing every day. As a company operating in the retail we wanted to learn more about this growing trend in the industry. 

Aslinur Ozkara
Aslinur Ozkara

In the expo there were different types of conferences which included the lactose free conference and the European food blogger convention. We were interested in both of them especially the food blogger convention was very interesting. However we had to miss it because we had a limited amount of time and there were 250 exhibitors from 25 different countries which meant a lot of eating and discovering!

Our plan for the day was acting as undercover journalists! (we needed some adventure in our lives) Seyma was acting as dairy intolerant (in reality thats the truth) and me as gluten intolerant. We were highly interested in discovering different types of food and how they tasted.

We were pretty confident about ourselves because IceMobile also has a great food culture which we enjoy a lot! There is always a vegetarian option in lunch or for lactose intolerant icepeeps we have a great variety of milk in the fridge. So we had some idea about the intolerance issue and were ready to dive into their world! Everything started with eating a piece of lactose, gluten and calorie free cheese and we ended up eating everything we could find including this amazing gluten and dairy free pizza and gluten free, vegan ice cream.  As we were wandering around I was amazed by the fact that the food tasted quite good and I was not sorry at all for the ones who are intolerant to dairy or gluten! Maybe just a bit? (just kidding)

To be honest in all my life I thought if you are gluten intolerant or if you have any kind of intolerance towards food meant that food would taste awful. Food means a lot to me it is not about just being full it is a way of living. We might even say that the only thing I like better than talking about food is eating! So it was a great opportunity for us to experience something new.

When we came back from the expo I opened the fridge at the office and appreciated our food culture again. All the fruits, healthy snacks, fresh smoothies in the morning and with vega options our company takes good care of us!