As you all know we worked at IceMobile as communication interns. But every good story has to come to and end and this Wednesday will be our last day at the lovely IceMobile. We will be saying goodbye to Ice and leave our “intern” title behind. We worked with our BOSS Rebecca, Aslinur for 4 months and Seyma even longer, close to 8 looooong months. For our final blog post we thought we can interview one another to make things a bit more interesting and different than our usual blog posts. We hope you enjoyed our posts throughout these 8 months and we will pass our crown to the next communication intern who will start working at Ice starting from 1st of September. (We know you will miss us though :))

Aslinur Ozkara Seyma Turan

What do you like the most about IceMobile?

Aslinur - In one word I will say the people. From the day one I felt like I knew all of these people and it was a very friendly environment. I always heard stories of ice being like a family and believe me the stories are true.

Seyma - I think it is the most obvious and popular answer but I need to say it : PEOPLE. There is such a vibe that somehow makes you feel like you’re at home. From the first day, everyone has been so helpful, kind and friendly. I know for a fact that I have made lifetime friendships thanks to this experience.

Can you tell us one specific moment at Ice which you describe as “unforgettable”?

A- I think for me it is either the Summer Party 2016 or the Open Day 2016. Both were amazing in terms of the atmosphere and organization. I had so much fun at Summer Party especially where Ice peeps formed a band. Their music was amazing and they were great, such great talents. However if I need to choose one moment I think it would be the Open Day in which attendees and speakers came and thanked me for the great planning. It made me happy and proud. 

S- Not one moment but mainly every event that we hosted and organized was unforgettable and special for me. If I need to name one, it would be the surprise dinner for the founders. Although I joined the company after they left, I could feel how IcePeeps do care about them with creating a restaurant in the office and cooking for them as a surprise. Organizing it was so special and in my second month it helped me to understand the love everyone has for each other, the company and what they do. 

Which position would you like to be at Ice if you were not the “Communication Intern”? And it can be anything something that you didn’t study for as well. 

A- I am watching this show called Mr.Robot and now it is even more interesting to know computer language in other words coding. So I think I would like to be a super awesome coder preferably an iOS developer (I won’t hack the FBI I promise)

S- Most probably, I would be a UX researcher because I like the fact that IceMobile has its own research lab, it shows how the company cares about the data. Also, I studied Social Sciences which actually makes me very familiar with all the methods our UX Lab uses. I’m used to conduct qualitative research and always like to be amazed by the results. So, it would be cool to work on customer behaviours and motivations with my IceCookie Team

Whom would you prefer as your BOSS in the company if it was not Rebecca?

A- Saskia Rademaker. She is a great leader and full of motivation. It is really nice to work with her and she never gives up on anything or at least not that I know of :) She is very good at what she does and I think she would be a great boss as well. (Rebecca, I love you)

S- I have never worked together directly with him but I would say Hans Ruitenberg. As I have realized by asking him for some help from time to time, I think he would be a great coach with his personality (as I know) and the knowledge he has.

What do you suggest or what piece of advice would you give to the to new intern?

A- Welcome on board! Don’t forget you’re ideas are always valuable and nobody will label you as an “intern”. Be bold, be awesome, be a cool ice peep :)

S- Be ready for Friday and don’t hesitate ever to be exactly yourself! It is the most special thing about IceMobile: you are accepted exactly as the way you are.

Bonus Question:

This question goes to Rebecca.

How would you describe our team in 3 words? We already know we are “creative” -no kidding- so you have to find something else.

Rebecca- Fun, proactive and amazing !