The bathroom… the only spot in the office where you have time to think, read and do anything you need to (don’t take this too literally). Benno, founding father of Epic Shit Facts, and his team decided to use the bathrooms at IceMobile for something special and interesting. 

Leonie Plugge
Leonie Plugge

A few years ago Benno, Anna, Lotte, Dario and Karlijn were looking for a good way to share knowledge and interest people (and Icepeeps) with their cool stories. Because here at IceMobile we have a lot to share, for example the Customer Insights Team or the UX lab… they do a lot of investigation and have so much interesting information, but they were the only ones who knew about it. They decided to present their information on big posters in the bathroom. After a lot of editions, they experienced that it took a lot of time. The team decided to give new employees a change to share cool stuff and collaborate with each other. In my first weeks at IceMobile I needed to make an Epic Shit Poster with the newbees. We were free to choose a topic of our own interests. Our topic was movies, we made 3 epic shit fact posters.

Yes, Epic shit facts posters are the shit here at IceMobile. Niels and Anna showed me different editions and explained how it all began. Niels is like the manager of the Epic Shit Facts here at ice. He teaches the newbees how to make a fact poster and makes sure that the teams deliver the new epic shit facts on time. Anna worked together with the founding father, so she was able to tell me something about the history. Benno, the founding father, works at Facebook now! I contacted Benno (via Facebook offcourse..) and he told me that at Facebook they use The Weekly Push. He said the following: ‘On my first day at Facebook I was really happy to see ‘’The Weekly Push’’, Facebooks version of Epic Shit Facts.’ It was so nice to talk to them about this topic, because all were so enthusiastic.

The first editions of Epic Shit Facts posters are made by the team and some other employees. To give you an impression, here are a few topics:

  1. Ski Trics
  2. Kids and Creative Sessions
  3. The Future of Food
  4. Cultural differences between Russia and the Netherlands
  5. Epic Gay facts
  6. Similar but different
  7. Where is Ice? (Where is wally?)

If you consider to visit IceMobile, make sure you visit the bathroom!