Earlier this year IceMobile organised its first HackDay. This day is free format and anyone can bring up ideas they have for teams to work on. The concept is to have a working version of the idea at the end of the day.

Rebecca van der Tholen
Leonie Plugge
Ready to celebrate success of another hackday
IceMobile testers
onboarding app
group: passion fruit
The winning team being proud

The winning idea of HackDay 1 was the team that developed an online version of a game which IceMobile has played a lot during their ski trips, the MurderGame. It involves an assignment to “kill” someone by making that person do something. The team now made a digital version, with of course a lot of extras including; Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Last Friday IceMobile held its 2nd HackDay and it was a blast! For HackDay2 the competition was once again really tough. Trending were ideas around internal communication. Usually there are 3 teams that are part of the winning teams, however it was decided that 4 teams can work out there ideas to make them really work for the future.

3rd place - PassionIce

Cross reference your colleagues in their interests from playing specific sports to going to the

opera. As a lot of IceMobile people bond over external activities this tool will only enhance our sense of family

2nd place - Onboarding App

Get your Ice on even before you start at the company. Unlock new information, read up on our rules and regulations (yes we have them) and get a countdown to the day you will actually start.

AAAAAND THE WINNER IS….Test Device Management

This may sound super boring, but is actual pretty nifty and will make sure no one will ever lose time over searching for a mobile device. Using the technology of NFC stickers and your

personal ‘druppel’ to keep track of who borrowed which mobile phone to work with on a project.

Like mentioned before there were 4 ideas that blew everyone away, so the last idea that didn’t get a prize but will definitely see the light of day is the Feedback App. We want to improve ourselves and each other so that we can be better as a company. With the Feedback App you can constantly give and receive feedback in an easy and fun way.