We’d like to think that we are also in the business of helping our clients towards new territory. After working with Jumbo for quite some time the opportunity presented itself to do exactly that. 

Rebecca van der Tholen

Jumbo saw a huge potential for new customers in the Business to Business market. We saw a big challenge; new types of customers and different behaviour that we should cater for, all to be included in the existing Jumbo app. We are all about the user and we are always up for a challenge. Make it Happen is one of our core values for a reason.

Together with Jumbo and a few suppliers we started this project in January of this year. And now after a couple of months of work, we are proud to say that on May 4th the first release went live within the Jumbo App. Creating a business account was of course part of this first release.

“The first release?” Yes, the first, as we work agile and we are huge scrum fanatics we chopped up the full release in two parts. The second release went live on Tuesday the 12th of July. Because of this release business users were now able to use all of the specific Business to Business features.

To top it all off this big milestone screamed for a celebration, so we started off by popping some bottles in the office. In happy spirits we continued our little party to throw some bowling balls, but on arrival we were surprised with a very nice dinner. Our festivities ended in goodie bag galore.