Sharing is caring. At IceMobile we attend several kinds of events to share knowledge, learn from others and have fun. We like to broaden our horizons, that’s (for example) why we organize a ‘’Friday intersection’’ every two weeks. UX Camp is one of those events that we really like to attend. Carolina, Interaction Designer @ IceMobile, likes the UX Camp so much that she is part of the organzing team!

Leonie Plugge
Carolina Gomez Naranjo

I can imagine that it is really important to share knowledge and learn from others in this field. Because customers are never the same. The last UX Camp event was the 10th of September and Carolina, Miika, Hans, Saskia and Kikki attended it. I am a very curious person, so I grabbed a coffee with Kiki and had lunch with Carolina to learn more about an event like the UX Camp and to ask some questions.

UX means Users Experience. The UX Camp is organized by volunteers, it’s a ‘’from the people for the people’’ event. It’s a day where people meet, talk, learn and have fun with each other. The goal of this event is to help people become better in a fun way. ‘’In the morning we don’t know what we are going to talk about’’, said Carolina. Every attendant brings knowledge about UX, this made it possible to have several kind of interesting discussions. Carolina is involved with this event since University, to get to know (new) people is her biggest motivation. She described the event as very friendly, everyone is able to bring knowledge without being judged! The attendants talk about problems in the field to help each other deal with obstacles. I also asked Kiki to tell me about her favorite part of the event. She described a talk about how UX can effect the culture of a company. It was her favorite part, because she recognizes a lot stuff that we practice at IceMobile as well. If you are a loyal blog reader, you know a lot about the amazing culture of IceMobile. For example, we organized a Hackday at Ice. This day made it possible to come up with non-work related awesome ideas. Curious? Read Seyma's blog about our first Hackday at the site!

 Still curious at all? Go visit the site and read the ‘’Sponsor Spotlight’’ interview with our IceMobile peeps Miika and Hans!