Wow. It’s cliché but time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been 4 months’ since I started my internship at Ice and BOOM its January 2017. Luckily I am not breaking up with Ice, I stay to write my thesis! In this blog post I want to share the most precious moments of my internship.

Leonie Plugge
North American party @ice
Hackday celebration
New intern:Leonie

The first weeks at ice were astonishing. I never worked for a company like this before so I had to get used to things. The first day at ice Diane gave me a tour and I received a box with nice gifts. So, the first highlight was the fantastic warm welcome at IceMobile.

The second thing that was new for me is the relaxed atmosphere here at ice. I worked at lovely companies before, but Ice showed me another level of loveliness. Everybody is friendly and you are free to do it in your own way. Everything is OK as long as you complete the job on time and make it happen. Besides the people and the atmosphere there is… the food. Breakfast with yoghurts and fruit bars, lunch with fresh salads and soup and last but not least the borrel on Friday with our own brewed beer. Believe me… it’s crazy how they spoiled me. But it is not all #iceyolo only, but also #makeithappen and achieve personal and work goals. I learned so much about myself and I had my own responsibilities.

Another highlight was the American Launch party. Not only the party itself was amazing, it was also so much fun to help organizing it. This party showed me different types of obstacles and it was nice to work with different people to make it a success. Curious? Read the blog (link) about the party. Next cool highlight is that this company organizes different types of events. One of them are the Friday intersections (for all the employees) and the MeetUps. The goal is to share knowledge, learn more, explore new opportunities and meet with new people.

But I am not done yet… Another really cool thing about IceMobile is that in your first months you do onboarding sessions. During these sessions you learn about the different departments at IceMobile. Every department has his own workshop, it a really cool way to get to know the company. It made me even more enthusiastic about ice!  The last Highlight that I want to share was Hackday at IceMobile. I honestly didn’t know that it exists, but Hackday is a day that you do something completely different it is one-day long. We started this day with a lovely breakfast. The whole group was split in teams and every group had his own project. If you want to know everything about this great day, please read the blog (link).

Of course, there were lots of special moments, but I can’t share everything because this blog would be way to long. And the best is yet to come…. I AM INVITED TO JOIN THEIR SKITRIP! So excited about this opportunity. Thank you Ice! For everything, the learning lessons and cool experience. THANK YOU!