Diana heart manager


How I strive to spread #HappinessLove at IceMobile

When I ask around to describe me as a person, Julien – our CCO- says immediately: “You are just present Di, very present.” And starts to laugh. He makes a peace sign in the air to me, and walks away and mumbles: “Di - You are a fixer.”

I started at IceMobile as a senior P.A. 8 years ago. Now, - being the Assistant for 12 people later-, I am a Heart Manager in function for IceMobile since 2018, but by Heart since 2010. Ralph Cohen (our founder) remembered me coming in for my job interview, with a red flower in my hair. 300 CV’s and a lot of personal interviews were held for my job at that time, but nobody fitted. It was in the middle of a financial worldwide crisis, I had no job. I had an interview with one of the owners, Michael. His first question was if I knew IceMobile or Muse. I said…Uuuuh….. I came at the Muse website by accident, since I was in love with a guy who looooooved the band Muse, but I do not know it at all. And I asked him if he could explain to me what they did. He laughed his socks off because of my honesty. He said; ‘every person would make up something, but you are the first who does not, and I like it’.  I asked him to read my letter of recommendations from my previous bosses. He did not want to. He said: “tell me something about yourself”. I said: “I am here, I insist. I worked hard to get these letters.” And he did read them. And he said afterwards: “if you can force me to do something, you must be very good. And you made friends I see, in the business world, by reading your recommendation letters.” I met the three other owners in the same hour. And I got hired!

And so, this is what most people from Ice think of me when I asked them about me; The Fixer. And I can keep a secret.  I am persistent in reaching my goals, try to do this mostly as creative and low cost possible and sometimes full of surprises. I can arrange extra comfort seats for a little less than free, nice this or nice that for person A and nice this and that for person X. I like to negotiate. And two years ago, I started to do the procurement of everything which is negotiable. I get a kick out of helping people, and I get even more satisfaction when I can do it quick. Up to the next thing to solve. I spread my love here to try to get things brighter and smoother and I try to take things out of peoples hand, so they do not have to worry about some operational matters.

Diana heart manager


I do everything transparent and open but play hard when I negotiate or need to get something done for some of my colleagues. Training, flights, hotels, Visa, housing overseas, nice events and the Christmas party is every year the cherry on top for me to put together. With a lot of help and sometimes with a little luck. I got a lot of colleagues paperwork done one week before he or she had to leave the country and it was on the edge. Or someone on a plane home to get back in a hurry, when everything is full. I like to see it from the perspective of my colleague. I am so honoured and proud of all the people working here. They have skills and talents I do not have, but which I do cherish. I came here when we were awarded highest ranking for supermarket and banking app in the Netherlands and did the Voice of Holland app. Most people of those teams are still here and share their knowledge with new people,  or have excellent new initiatives which I support.

But now the truth, and nothing but the truth about me. I follow Muay Thai private lessons, like basketball, BBQ’s, swimming in open waters, everything with ginger, Greek food, Viognier wine, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Healing Massages, and techno music. Scotland is on my bucket list. I believe in water, wind, fire, earth and ether. But also in the sixth sense. Everybody here knows I am a very, very, very bad cook. I am not a lead at all. And keeping my mouth shut, and don’t laugh so much is also very difficult. But I can see peoples sadness or happiness without speaking to them. I see with my heart. And I try to breathe our world of 38 nationalities and to find out as much as possible how to make our people happy and cheerful when they come to me for help. I see beauty in our company creations and achievements by the teams and admire the in-house beautiful brains.

Diana heart manager


My job is to make colleagues and visitors feel comfortable and create a family feeling environment within IceMobile. And oh yeah, do I get my rewards. I got so much love back every day. Signed stones from all over the world, pictures and scans of Icebabies before anybody else, gifts from strange places and cultures I have never been. 3 Ice kids have names which I helped to guess. I love the drawings from all Ice kids on my wall, but most of all, the warm embrace when people come home from overseas offices or former colleagues. The little post-it notes with hearts on it. The food in the fridge from my dear colleague (mama food) and first cookies to taste. I try to be the most heartful helper and become better in these coming years. Please feedforward me. I like to keep it Orga-nice-D. Looking forward to meeting you!

Best, Diana van ‘t Veer - #<3 Manager IceMobile

Diana van ‘t Veer