Hello Ice! The last couple of weeks you might have noticed a group of students walking around the office; it’s time that we shed some light on who we are and what we are doing here.

Edo, Fabian, Fabrizio, Kevin and Sean

As part of our project Mobile Development at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences we got the opportunity to work on a mobile-related project at a company, which is how we ended up here! We’re working on a project named IceGame: a bunch of games that could be used by BrandLoyalty to engage customers.

Over the course of the past two months, together with Luz, Alex and Saskia, we’ve created five different games that are now fully functional and can be played on both iOS and Android devices using Unity.

About us

Our team consists of five people; Edo, Fabian, Fabrizio, Kevin and Sean. We’re all third-year students at the University of Applied Sciences and all study Software Engineering, except for Sean, who studies Game Development. We’re all enthusiastic about mobile technology and development, which is why we chose to follow a Mobile Development themed semester.

Most of us have grown up with Java in the past 3 years, which made the usage of Unity and C# an interesting challenge: luckily Sean has previous experience with unity, so our team isn’t 100% noob!

What we do here

As previously mentioned we’ve been working on a couple of games. Every tuesday and wednesday we’ve been working on the following minigames:

  • Memory game: One of the most common concepts - you see a grid of some cards, two of each kind. The goal of the game is to match all cards together within a time limit; the faster you are with matching cards, the more points you will receive.
  • Scratching game: A very straight-forward game; you see a scratching grid, and behind this grid hides a random image - this image indicates whether you won or lost.
  • Simon Says: Another type of memory game, except this time you have to remember a pattern laid out by the computer. If you got the right combination, you will advance to the next level with more colors/sounds to remember!
  • Sliding puzzle: You are shown an image which is split up in tiles. The player should reassemble the image by sliding the tiles into the right positions.
  • Slot Machine: A very basic game of a slot machine you can either win or lose.

If you’re interested in the project and you want to learn more send us a message!