Epic Facts: A peek into the future of food.

Olav van Dam
Dario Stefanutto

When it comes to foodies and their view of what food will look like when hovercars are a common sight, opinions are very diverse. Dave Chang, chef and founder of world-acclaimed and award-winning restaurant Momofuku, has his mind on one thing only: waste. The creator of this adventurous fine eating place believes that the future of food will be found in ingredients that have traditionally been viewed as leftover scraps. Put that in contrast with recent development in 3-D Food Printing and you’ll find out soon enough that the possibilities are near endless. The imagination of a dedicated pioneer has proven to be capable of inventing methods or ideas that go way beyond the status quo. To give you an imagine of what’s going on out there: Scientists at Harvard invented eatable packaging made entirely of natural food membrane, not unlike the skin of a grape. These constructs are able to hold food and keep it fresh to the same extent as ordinary plastic containers. So hold on to your spoon and fork because we’re in for a wacky ride into the future.

The trials and tribulations of living abroad.

Making the big step of moving abroad is usually a tricky one.
For instance, when you think back of the many pledges made by friends and family to come visit you here in Amsterdam, it makes you ponder what’s taking them so long.
You curse them for their lack of planning or initiative, you start to think they just don’t give a damn, and then, out of the blue, they show up at your footsteps.
Just like that, life abroad is great in all it’s opportunities and surprising uncertainties.We often talk about our holiday to that beautiful coastline or that romantic city trip to Prague or Paris, yet going to live in another country doesn’t enjoy the same share of attention. Whereas friends and family can perfectly imagine what it’s like to stroll down the cobblestoned avenues of a medieval city, it’s much harder to understand how one evolves mentally before, during, and after the big leap of crossing the border. Particularly in a city that welcomes foreigners with the same glee as 15 centimeters of ice in winter time, loneliness is not a common feeling.

Despite all of this, you might trouble yourself with that “what the hell am I supposed to do now?” feeling. Don’t worry, going home will be the last thing on your mind.

Austin Powers: SXSW

Witness the outcome of blending music, film and interactive technology into one big smoldering cauldron. The 20th annual SXSW Interactive Festival took place March 8-12, 2013 in Austin, Texas. Fueled by 3500 talks and 30500 attendees you can easily understand why they call it the world’s summer camp for geeks. South by Southwest combines an unseen range of inspiration for both the visual and cognitive senses. Missing out on this one is like seeing your old school foe asking your crush out on a date. And you said to yourself, “never again”. Remember? Of course. SXSW intends to be a creative rebirth, not a repetition or reflection of the past. If you’re trying to stay ahead of the rest, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t go to South by Southwest. Bring your flannels, spurs and cowboy hat.  As they say in Texas, “Catch ya on the backside”.