You guys should know by now that we like to throw a party every now and then. On the 29th of August we had our own IceMobile Exchange event which meant everyone could take stuff they would like to get rid off to the office and make someone else happy with it. Paying was optional, but if the buyer decided it was worth money, the amount would go to Brand Charity

Olav van Dam
Hei-Yu Tang/IceMobile

The event was a huge succes. Lots of people brought stuff to exchange, but that wasn't all. There was lots of entertainment to be found. There was a 3D printing machine, an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to play with, an amazingly delicious Surinam buffet, fresh crepes for dessert, live music, a living slot machine and of course Henk’s Wheel of Fortune. For all of you who missed it, check out the photo slideshow and discover how much fun we’re having at IceMobile.