August 26th was a big day for us as we hosted our first IceOpenDay and we were lucky enough to do so on a beautiful sunny day.

Rebecca van der Tholen

Even before the start of the day people were hovering around the registration desk and we were so ready to get the show on the road. IceMobile has a nice outside area and we made use of that green area by arranging lamzac sofas, high tables and some refreshing apples. Each guest received a swag bag full of goodies, including a frisbee representing #iceyolo, a keychain/bottle opener because we brew our own beer -obviously-, a pen and a notebook for sketching. Not just because everyone needs a proper sketching pen and notebook in their lives but also because magic happens at the intersection! 

We hosted more than 40 attendees each of them divided into 4 different sessions. The most wanted one was our UX Lab bootcamp presented by Emma&Carolina&Anna. In this session you could experience first hand how we do research in our very own way. Combining our Jumbo and ABN AMRO clients we gladly showed how we handle the data side of our products. Furthermore we zoomed in on those micro moments that people experience while shopping and which we use to improve on every aspect of our products and programmes.

The lunch organized especially for the IceOpenDay showed our passion for good food. A great open buffet full of freshly baked breads, good old matured cheese and many different salads did the trick. Both during the lunch and our borrel people were mingling and chatting away. During the borrel we took it to a next level by organizing a portfolio reviewing, matching attendees with the right creative on the Ice side. We were so happy to see everyone’s enthousiasme about Ice and portfolio’s of the attendees.

In the end all we saw were happy faces asking for a date for our next IceOpenDay It was more than what we expected, but of course what made it really great were the attendees and the speakers. For the ones who missed the open day 2016 you can watch the after movie and feel the atmosphere we had. Also you can always try next year! :-)

See you next year…