When I started my internship at IceMobile, I had some clues of working here but I had no clue of the real epic experiences apart from the epic workpieces created at the office. Let me come to the point; my internship was long enough to experience the IceSummer party, YES! This means good news: delicious food, amazing music and a unique vibe!

Seyma Turan

They say the only certain things in life are death and taxes, but that’s not totally true. Because if you work at IceMobile and have a company summer party, you are sure that it will be truly IceYolo. It is just a fact thing. I have been in the company for 4 months now and luckily I had some chances to see how we organize events, eat and have fun together. However, it was the first one that happened with everyone in the company and even with their partners.

Before starting the party inside, we had some activities outside such as BBQ (of course), music and a dance show with the warmest and sunniest Dutch weather. There I saw the power of IceYolo which stands up to the weather forecast - thunderstorms for all evening. I can’t tell you every detail of the party but there are certain things that should be mentioned like the music! Most important part of any kind of party, but it was more special for us since -again- we had our own band and DJs; talents for dj-ing, saxophone and drums. When they start playing, we couldn't help ourselves but dancing the whole night. 

So, here’s a second fact thing: once it was clear why all employees talk about the people when it comes how epic IceMobile is. We put effort to make things happen whether it is work related or fun and it is always done “together”!

And now we are ready for the summer! Stay tuned 

Food time
Food time