On the 20th of February, me and 3 of my fellow intern companions got the chance to participate to the 1st intern day at BrandLoyalty (BL). Indeed, since IceMobile together with BL are welcoming more and more interns, it made sense to start organizing a separate introduction day focused on interns. The purpose of this event is to provide us with insights, meet the HR team and feel even more welcome at the BL family. This is how we and 8 other interns from BL got to experience this amazing day. Now that you know why we did it, let me tell you more about the real deal.

Our day started at 10 o’clock with a warm welcome by the HR team. After explaining the schedule, they invited us to change into our sport clothes. Soon enough we found out ourselves in a private gym lesson given by none other than the personal instructor of BL.

team work out

When everyone was ready, we started with a warm-up at the cardio machines. The 12 of us were wondering what we were going to do and speculating what to expect next. After a while, we finally got our answer: the coach had prepared us a “special” work out session. The exercises were intense but we all tried to do our best to finish the sets. An hour later, we were finally allowed to relax after a nice stretching session followed by a well-deserved shower.

Being all fresh and ready, the HR team asked us to join them for lunch. A specific part of the restaurant was reserved for our group so we were able to sit all together. This lunch was one of the nicest part of our day. I already knew that IceMobile is a place to be for foodies and realizing BL had the “good food” mentality in their core was also a great surprise.

Around 1 o’clock things got a bit more serious as we moved to the auditorium to learn about the business. From the history of the company to the portfolio of it, we covered all the aspects of the company to conclude that making people happy is the main goal of BrandLoyalty and it is also what their culture is based on.

To test our knowledge, the HR department had prepared a game. This game took place in the BL experience centre which is almost like a museum representing BL’s portfolio. Things got even more exciting when the game turned up to be a competition between the interns. The HR department had divided our group in 3 teams. Based on the previous presentations, we had to participate in a quiz! Everyone took it really seriously which made it even more exciting:) and we were given only 2 hours to hand it in. Unfortunately, the results would not be given right away. We had to wait until dinner…

dinner risotto

And let’s talk about this dinner because we were the one cooking it! At first, we had no idea what we were going to make. We had received some ingredients and we had to figure out ourselves what we were going to do with those. After a short brainstorming session, we started cooking. The menu was; chicken risotto with broccoli & tomato sauce. After burning 2 kilos of rice(!) and having to cook the risotto on a griddle plate, we were ready to welcome our guest. Even if it was not as good as Jamie Oliver, people were quite happy with the food. After all, food makes people happy, no one can deny this!

At the end of the dinner, the result of the game was announced. Lucky me, my team won! Our prize was an update of our CV and a training on good habit; a learning platform open to BL’s family members. This was definitely the perfect way to wrap up the day!

Shannon Baccus
brand loyalty, intern, tea, newbies