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We are always looking for talented people to change the food retail industry with us. We work in multidisciplinary teams from our office in Amsterdam. Are you skilled enough for our team and do you enjoy working with young and talented creatives and engineers? Then IceMobile is the place for you. To us it doesn’t matter where you’re from. We speak more than 21 languages at our HQ so you can assume we’ve got an excellent expat support team that will gladly help you relocate to one of the most amazing cities in the world.


At IceMobile we believe magic happens at the intersection of code and design. Are you a passioned cloud engineer, node.js hacker, agile tester, or mobile developer? And do you also love working with a team to create globally relevant products and solutions? If so, then you’ll fit in very well with us. And if you enjoy visiting and hosting tech-related events, or giving presentations, then even better! Caught your attention? Have a look at our job openings and check out some of our code:


A factor that sets us apart as a company is that creativity is embedded in our DNA. Part of IceMobile began life as a digital advertising agency, so great design isn’t just a possibility for us, it’s a must-have. Our interaction designers work hand in hand with concept and strategy specialists to create products used by consumers all over the world, and all our creatives get plenty of room to innovate and grow. Want to push design boundaries and help shape the future of the food retail industry? Then by all means, get in touch.

Product Management

Ideally, you’re used to helping guide development processes – from concept creation, all the way through to product implementation. At IceMobile you’ll be doing all of that PLUS working on a truly global scale. We run digital loyalty programs in more than 60 countries, together with our partners BrandLoyalty, LoyaltyOne and Precima. So if your nitty-gritty product management skills come layered with a healthy inter-cultural awareness set, then you might just make a perfect candidate.


Working at a technology-based company around a whole lot of computers could be pretty boring, right? At IceMobile, you’d be 100% wrong. We have a team of upwards of 120 people, just at our Amsterdam HQ, let alone the number travelling internationally, at any one time. We serve up delicious, healthy lunches every day, stage themed parties and events on a regular basis, and support participation in every kind of sport you can imagine. Combine all of that with a need for constant, excellent IT support... we think you’ll find Operations around here anything but boring.

Work Environment & Benefits

Extensive training budget

At IceMobile we want you to be or become the best there is. That’s why we have an extensive training budget to make sure you are able to join courses or studies to improve your knowledge and skills. Yes this means you are able to visit events and conferences all over the world.


We at IceMobile love food! This means we’re pretty serious when it comes to eating. There are many occasions where we try to cook for each other or go out for dinner. Next to that there are also cookie contests, birthday cakes, and food hackathons so chances are you won’t be getting hungry any time soon.

Friday Intersections

Every Friday we have snacks and drinks followed by creative presentations from internal and external professionals. This way you stay up-to-date about the latest in the industry. Heck, you might even get inspired…

Great pension arrangements

We do not only care about you being productive. We also care about you getting old and grumpy in the right way. That’s why we have an above industry standard pension agreement. There are flexible saving options to make sure you have the structure you like.

International exchange possibilities

Working in Amsterdam isn’t satisfying your travel ambitions? It’s possible to work at one of our international offices in Zurich, Toronto or Hong Kong. What better way is there to explore the world under the wings of one’s employer.

IceSports Yoga, IceRunning, IceFootball

We love our computers, but we also love to get sporty. Yoga, running, football, foosball, squash, or basketball. There are a number of groups - supported by IceMobile - that organize events every week. At IceMobile will support you to exercise in every way we can.


Next to the fact that we love eating, we also love drinking. That’s why we started crafting our own beer. It’s called IceMoBrew and it’s pretty good. Why don’t you swing by and learn how to brew beer right in the middle of our office?

Want to know even more how we work have a look at our rules and regulations page.

No suitable opening?

You want to work at IceMobile but there are no suitable openings right now? No worries. Drop us an email and let us know what your story is. We’ll gladly make room for talented people.

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