This is my 3rd month at the #amazing IceMobile as the communication intern and I thought this is the perfect time to write about what I do and #howwework. In the previous weeks I tried to show you various aspects of Ice and now the time has come to talk about what I do. (yeay!) 

Aslinur Ozkara
Aslinur Ozkara

Let me first tell you a bit about myself. I’m from Istanbul and moving abroad was my dream since I was a child. In 2015 I moved to the amazing city of Amsterdam to follow a Masters program. Then towards the end of my studies I found the coolest job an international student can get: “Communication and Marketing Intern”. I had previous experiences in this field however never abroad, so it was going to be my first long-term(ish) internship. You already have read about my experience on my first day (if not you can still read it by clicking here). As an intern at Ice you never feel like one! On the contrary you are this person who’s being encouraged to find creative ways to solve problems or if you have ideas you can just say it out loud and find ways to #makeithappen. As I said: you never feel like an intern which I think this is one of the best aspects of doing an internship at Ice. You can always improve yourself and even better you are encouraged to do so! 

As the communication intern what I do is organizing internal and external events that are epic in every way.  Also I am responsible for the external communication via social media networks - and yes this includes instagram which we all love!- and finding ways to help develop the employer marketing strategy plan (currently working on this whoop whoop). While doing these you are working and interacting with the funniest and nicest people in the business so no worries on that part! Which means you will have all the support you need when you are being proactive and working independent. 

Trust me when I say everyone needs to see our company culture and I am one of the luckiest to experience this. If you don’t believe me then hear out what Seyma - my other intern friend who is also working in the Marketing team, who started even before me - has to say “ Before Ice, I knew that the culture was important but I have never imagined that it would effect the way you work this much. For me, here the culture usually equals the love among Icepeeps #<3. I love the fact that everyone can be themselves, open and friendly all the time, while I can still be challenged and learn every day.”

I can keep telling how great to work here but you will never fully understand until experiencing it yourself. So what are you waiting for?

p.s one of the tasks of an communication intern - what nobody tells - is trying to find a strong closing sentence for your blog post which can take you up to 1 hour #internhacks