Remember the first photo from the interwebs? Yes, you know it! This is a proud moment for us because with the latest release of the Jumbo app it gives the customers the possibility to scan barcodes of recipes and instantly add the products to the shoppinglist in the app! Which is pretty amazing because now our lives as customers got much easier. 

Erik Brom
Jumbo bus stop

Jumbo experimented in this new release with building up a virtual bus stop supermarket which offers a variety of products. With the epic Jumbo app, now items are scanned and being processed very fast and added to the virtual shopping cart. Now you can scan a printed barcode of any recipe and whoop it’s in your shopping list in the app. They even took it to the next level by adding the feature of by just one scan you can order a full recipe!

We believe that there is always room for improvement and we wanted to go big with this release after all we are dedicated to do epic shit with our work! After our last release on we were ready for the next challenge.

As you can understand a lot of things changed with the new release. By now you all know that we are foodies so you can imagine how exciting this is to shop all the ingredients of a recipe just like that!

December is usually an important month for retailers and this is the case for Jumbo as well. As always, they will launch a special campaign to reward people for shopping at Jumbo during this month. so we stepped in by adding the "cadeautje from Jumbo" (free gift from Jumbo) feature on the preview screen so that the customer knows there is something nice waiting at pickup/delivery of the groceries.

We are all about the user so another improvement is the app-wide implementation of the ‘search’ floating button at the right bottom of the screen. Having a recognizable search button at a fixed location on the screen should help the customer finding products more easily and therefore adding products to their shopping list faster.

Last but not least we improved the search result screen. Before we chose to close this screen after an entry to the shopping list. Now it remains open to make it easier for the user to add multiple products and therefore will increase the basket size. Happy customers happy Jumbo team!