IceMobile is doing some serious community building recently! As part of their ongoing initiative to enable meet-ups in their office, IceMobile invited Creative Coding Amsterdam for an evening of out-of-the-box programming inspiration. Used as we are to a shoestring budget (the artists life, you know...), being welcomed with pizza and drinks was just a fortuitous start of an amazing evening full of cross-pollination between different parts of the tech world. 

Lisa Evelyn

The more exchange there is of ideas and inspiration in the world of programming and technology, the better!

Our first speaker, Andreas Refsgaard, developed the musical interface Eye Conductor, which allows you to play music through eye movements and facial gestures. He worked in close collaboration with music lovers who are limited in their artistic expression by physical disabilities, resulting in a flexible system that can be tweaked for each individual user.

Ria Stroes focused her talk on file-structuring. In a beautiful onslaught of experimental visuals (seriously, the sheer amount of cool shit she creates makes you doubt your own productivity), she showed the importance of creating a clear structure to host your creative chaos. From a website, blog, or Github account to creating your own library – a definite answer of what works has yet to be determined.

Zuraida Buter (aka Zo-ii) spoke about the events she organizes around games and playfulness, most notably the Playful Arts Festival. From low-tech food-ball (table soccer with spoons and forks, a chocolate ball and human mouth-goals), to high tech virtual painting in 3D – what matters in the end is the experience.

Anne-Jan Brouwers talk was on 360° videos with no stitching. High on the hype of immersive virtual reality, it's sometimes easy to forget that making video content for this medium is a balance between seriously precise calculations, or a quick-but-sort-of-shoddy-looking stitch. Ultra-fish-eye lenses give you the possibility to record and play without much hassle, and Anne-Jan showed us just how easy it is to set this up.

Last but not least, Saskia Rademaker told us more about IceMobile, and why creative coders would feel at home in the company. I saw some business cards being exchanged later, so who knows what will spring from this meet-up! Either way, it was a pleasure to organize our meet-up at such a welcoming and open location. The more exchange there is of ideas and inspiration in the world of programming and technology, the better!

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Lisa is one of the founders of CCA. Apart from organizing events, programming, and wishing she could be a cyborg, Lisa does science things with virtual reality and writes blogs about it.