Time for a Meetup! IceMobile invited Data Science Amsterdam in their HQ in Amsterdam to share knowledge, learn from each other, meet new people and to inform others about our great company. 

Leonie Plugge
Leonie Plugge
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Meetup is an organization that brings people together to talk and discuss about things that matters. In a meetup people talk, help, mentor and support each other. The location is different every time and last week we were lucky to host a Meetup!

But first… FOOD…You can’t think without it. We organize pizza’s and beer before every meetup we host. First item on the agenda was Patterns and Customer Journeys about research into predicting conversions based on patterns in customer journeys. The crowd was introduced to a tool used in a project called: The data manipulation language Rax. 

Right after the break we moved on to an introduction into Recurring Neural Networks(RNN’s). RNN’s become increasingly popular because of the rise of deep learning. For example, Apple’s SIRI uses RNN’s for speech recognition. It’s useful for machine translation, image captioning and time-series prediction. After these interesting speakers it was time to talk and discuss about the topics with each other. It was a great and interesting evening!

IceMobile was very pleased to host this Meetup, we would like to thank the organization and nice and interesting people! See you next time!

PS. If you need a location for your meetup…drop us a line :)