Interning at IceMobile ....

Seyma Turan
Seyma Turan

Okay, let's start with the steps for having an awesome internship in Amsterdam

1) try to find a cool company

2) two months later; fail and get stressed

3) try to find any company that accepts you

4) fail harder and learn from it

5) find IceMobile, fall in love with its culture and beg them to accept you

6) happy ending without begging #<3 

 It is a true story but I might be dramatizing a bit…I have become something of an expert on applying for an internship. In my third month studying abroad, I found myself searching for an internship because I wanted to have more experience (or more hardship?) and decided to combine my thesis with an internship. I did my bachelor in Sociology and had some experience on research business and followed my dreams to study/live abroad. I’m from the huge, crowded, stressful but still beautiful city of Istanbul. 

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I’m here to do my master’s degree in Culture, Organization, and Management at VU University Amsterdam. By the way, let's make it clear that I wasn’t rejected because I suck but just I was new in town, so things didn't work out. Then, a miracle called IceMobile happened! I was very lucky to find a company with a strong culture but why is that so important? I’m writing my thesis on organizational culture and diversity, so there is no better option besides IceMobile with its mixed and fun atmosphere.

 Also, for the record, when I came here for the interview, I was very impressed with the inspiring environment and its cool but also warm people. Two months later, in my very first week of the internship, I still feel the same... Not exaggerating, I have my reasons! 

Just take this photo for example. I’m welcomed like an employee. It doesn’t matter that you are an intern or an employee, you’ll be always welcomed with the same warmness. Welcoming meetings and onboarding sessions make you adapt and get to know the company easier.  “Do epic shit” on the wall! The statement speaks for itself. Surprise(!),guess where my desk is? 

 I'll update you on my IceAdventures every week.