What does CI (Customer Insight) do? Time: 9:30 am Location: IceMobile Amsterdam HQ, 2nd floor. CI team starts the standup to discuss what has been done last week and what they have to do for the upcoming week- like all teams do every morning at IceMobile. But what does CI really do?

This week I have found myself wondering about Customer Insights. Since they are a bigger team now because the UX Lab joined them recently, it got my interested even more! Although I have gained a lot of information about all our services thanks to the onboarding sessions during the first two weeks, I want to talk with our people from CI on a more personal level. 

There are few things that they mainly focus on; one is reporting and updating the status of different loyalty programs that we deliver. With the data from the programs, you are able to see what is happening and what is different from other programs. Based on the updated data, CI can offer solutions to change the course of programs. 

Another main focus is to look at the user’s behaviors inside the app. This is especially important because analyzing the functionalities that people use, saves time for future changes. Here is where CI works with UX Lab mostly, based on the data UX gets in touch with the user - again the distinction of quantitative and qualitative. 

Beside the work they do, I was mostly confused about the background which is suitable to work in CI. As I have found out that there was no specific programs regarding to this field especially. It is very new that some universities just started having new courses to train people related with CI- so our team is happy to accept compliments for being the pioneer… However, what really matters is how much you like to play with the data! You would be the perfect candidate if a huge amount of data makes you excited! ( Plus, of course graphs.. they love graphs)

So, you are very welcomed to CI, if you are interested to make sense of a lot of datas all over the table! 

I believe, IceTeams have the all answers to my questions, so my journey among them will continue. Stay tuned…