We might be known as foodies and also our love for computers. If you want to conclude something by these two outcomes, you might imagine a bunch of colleagues who look like the World of Warcraft nerd from South Park. Although it might be funny to look alike, but -thankfully-we are also into sports. 

Seyma Turan

I know, if you look back to the previous posts, they are mostly related with food- cookie contest, surprise dinners and many others will follow. However, this week it is all about opportunities for sport activities we have at IceMobile. Along with yoga every Wednesday in the office, a gym membership- which is exactly 20 steps away- there are more activities supported by IceMobile. The only requirement is a couple of people who are interested in the same exercise. Running, football, squash, basketball, soccer and now we have a new one on the list- kickboxing!

Last week, we had the opportunity to join one of six classes that will be held throughout the summer in the Amstelpark - which is also 20 steps away - what an encouraging environment for sport enthusiasts. We were lucky with the nice weather, but not lucky enough to not be punched by our lovely colleagues. It was the first time for the majority of the group but almost everyone wants to join the upcoming classes- even with taking the risk of not being able to use the stairs for the next days.

So, while our sport activities are increasing in addition to IceYolo, we can say that “ we are not that kind of nerds”.

We ( Aslinur and me) promise you that we will keep you posted with our new adventures as two interns! Stay tuned!