Everybody knows the impact of first impressions, especially in the workplace. During these early days where you are meeting everyone -and everyone is meeting you- first impressions about you and your future potential can make a major impact on your future success with the organization. That’s why, you try to have a positive attitude, show your team spirit, take initiatives etc. However, have you ever seen the subject upside down? What about the companies whom are trying to give a good first impressions to their new beloved employees? 

Seyma Turan

Yes, I’m talking about the orientation sessions but we call them “Onboarding sessions” because why not? The purpose is the same with almost every company, a full introduction per department that will help new Ice peeps to better understand the company, the way we work and what we try to achieve. They are planned every two months and highly effective to adapt to the environment, the teams and the company as a whole.

By now, it sounds as business as usual but you also know that we have a different approach to everything, same applies to onboarding sessions - should I say fun approach?-. As I said before, it is also important for companies to have a good impression towards their newbies, it will motivate people even more. Here, the difference of IceMobile comes in. We wouldn’t have all standard sessions and call ourselves unique, right? For instance, take  the design thinking session, it is a 2 hour workshop given with legos. Although 2 hours sounds too much for an orientation session, you don't understand how the time passes with all the lego fun.

However, the first one is an introduction by our CEO Jeroen Pietryga where you can get a clear idea of the company’s history, growth, culture and people. Later, every department has their own introductions but the good news is that lately we have added BrandLoyalty and ABN visits as new onboarding session which means spending half of the day at their HQ. It also means , seeing a different but inspiring work environment, meeting with our fellow colleagues, delicious food- like us!- and lots of photo’s are taken.

In the end, we can say that IceMobile is doing a good job with first impressions. Did you thought the opposite?

See you next week!

Design Thinking
Design Thinking