I know, I promised to write about another value this week and I also said it will be a big change... The change is happening, because I'm not writing about values this week! I'm so good at embracing change...

Seyma Turan

Since my "boss" Rebecca (she doesn't like to be called boss) was not in the office this week, I couldn't find motivation to talk about values. The struggle is real ;)

Rebecca visited our Toronto office this week, so we thought it would be good to mention our international offices; Toronto, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

It's the truth that for almost every single one of us, the thought of living abroad is exciting - I'm already living the dream in Amsterdam with over 40 IceMobile expats. The thrills and real challenges that we associate in our minds with life in a foreign country, sampling life overseas and starting a whole new life where the possibilities are seemingly endless, make us desire the expatriate lifestyle. You can be an expat while working in our Amsterdam HQ but maybe Amsterdam isn't enough for some people (could be) and you are itching to explore the world.

So, there is a possibility to work at one of IceMobile's overseas offices and it is still the same epic employer. You understand what's coming; yes! it is fun to work there as well. it doesn't matter if it is Toronto, Hong Kong or Shanghai; you might have the opportunity for business trips or a new life abroad.

Anyway, no more promises about the future posts. See you next week!