#<3 My plan for this week was to write about IceYolo. I even scheduled everything; join the Friday Borrel, stay until the end and if they decide to continue the night, follow the crowd - go with the flow Seyma!

Since one of the best representatives of IceYolo in the company was leaving because he was going to pick up a new study full time, it was an excellent opportunity for me to dive in. I felt such a journalist, but I swear it wasn't the only reason! Because in the end, it didn't work out the way I've expected.

While Marius was leaving (IceYolo guy), I became to understand our other value #<3! Expression of his appreciation was very different than what I have seen in other companies so far. It was real and emotional. When I was looking for the fun, I found the love.

IceMobile's definition of "#<3" is the acceptance of employees as they are, and this is meant to create a familial feeling within the company. As someone who studies social and organization sciences, I can say that it is very difficult for businesses to create this atmosphere. Some can call it luck or coincidence, but I call it the success!

Creating a culture of happiness comes with defining your core values of the company and it produces a set of unofficial guidelines for employees to follow. It also helps determine which discretionary behavior is acceptable. However, building the familial atmosphere requires transparency and consistency which you can find in IceMobile.

Exploring here is becoming more enjoyable each and every day! Stay tuned!