Magic happens at the intersection... If there is one particular thing that I regularly hear from everyone in the company, it would be definitely "the people". It makes me wonder about the teamwork which IceMobile has.

Seyma Turan

As I started to focus on my thesis this week, (I need to graduate at the end!) I'm finally doing interviews. Both meetings and casual talks led me to realize what everybody loves the most about the company. To be honest, I'm not surprised by the outcome!

First of all, let me explain to you what "magic happens at the intersection" means for IceMobile; combining creativity and technology to work in the interdisciplinary teams which creates experiences that people love. The primary key lies at the intersection, the point when for example designers and developers start to work close together, the results are beyond expectations.

What I've found through the interviews was corresponding to the description. I'm not talking about three people in total (I'm writing a thesis, I need big data!), at least, the half of the company- so far. Here are the most frequently used phrases when it comes to "the people":

-Having functioning teams

-More than teamwork

-Everybody in this is together

-We are a big group with all kinds of dissimilarities

-How differences are combined very well

-More than just colleagues

-Everybody respect each other and so on...

Yet again the values have proved to be true. Have I already mention that creating a culture which is valid for almost every employee is a huge success? Oh yes, I already did it in all my previous posts!

See you next week!