Cookie Contest Last week, there was an overdose of sugar in the company.

Seyma Turan

Starting Wednesday, every morning we had the chance to eat delicious and creative cookies - confession: every day I have tried at least seven different cookies. Besides the happiness effect of being a cookie monster and having a fresh (?) start for the day, the aim was the contest! The taste and the originality mattered...

I was lucky enough to be a part of our UX lab team. When they came with the idea of IceCookie and asked me to film them, I knew my vote! -  Their other idea of eggs and bacon was beyond cuteness, too- Although I didn't participate in baking the cookies, they made me feel as a group member. So, forgive my biased opinions.

The competition was very tough with all of the original and tasty cookies. We had all kinds; marshmallow, beer, brownies, healthy pies, cookie doughs, vegan and so on... Along with their tastes, all looked wonderful. (Food is not wonderful until it looks beautiful!)

The last confession: we couldn't win! But congrats to the winners Lauren Bachtell for the best recipe and Kerim Satirli with his most original cookies! They were first cookies most of our eyes would go to on the table. However, the point was fun and putting some more sugar to our beloved bodies...

So, see you next week with some other great news from IceMobile.

P.S. While I have a chance to publish a 'thank you', I want to say many thanks to the fabulous team-Anna, Emma and Kiki- for taking me as a member!