How I imagined and what I found kind of post... So, as it is obvious that it is already the end of my first two months at IceMobile. Besides "the time flies" phrase, I will come up with another classical way of telling my journey: how I imagined and what I found!

Seyma Turan

I suppose, there is no need to explain how amazing the company is since I'm trying to express it in my every post. However, nobody would get hurt if I continue to do so because I want to talk about my struggles and the support of IceMobile.

Firstly, me wrestling with getting organized. There are some days in the week when I manage to get up at 6.30 am and start studying on my thesis before the internship. At the same time, there are some days when I pretend that I'm not a student anymore - what do you mean by how is my thesis going? Therefore, I have realized a truth: I need to be more organized! At the beginning of every goal process, you need to analyze what you've done and not. Before the internship, I imagined that it is going to be a busy schedule for me, and I will be stressed all the time but what I have found was a warm environment which helps me to get through this process. By the time I learned that you need to relax, take your time, and when opportunities show themselves, know how to use them.

Another thing is the hierarchical work structure which is the reason I run away from the corporate companies. What I have imagined was to be suppressed by my boss since I have the experience. It is what I used to, especially if I am an intern. However, the reality that I have found in IceMobile was different. There is a real flat culture, I can say that because of the relationship with my boss Rebecca ( supervisor, manager and every hierarchical title that she doesn't like..) but also what I have observed in general at the company.

Additionally, I could tell more stuff about the journey, but I need to be organized more... So, see you next week!