Finally, I can write about a chapter of the values which everyone -including me- was waiting for: IceYolo!

Seyma Turan

One of the main characteristics almost everybody has in the company is that we are foodies! We have healthy and delicious lunches every day, different types of snacks for every Friday borrel and so on. Therefore, whenever we are organizing an event internal or external, it is about food!

Last Friday, we had one of the most special events at IceMobile: a surprise dinner for our three founders! The lunch area became a restaurant (IcePop-up) with a real kitchen and our best chefs - I mean definitely "ours" not professionals but as good as real chefs-. The menu consisted of seven courses and along with amazing performances such as musicology and flamenco by our talented ones.

It was again more than one value. I have witnessed how everybody worked together in harmony (magic happens at the intersection), the epic outcome (make it happen) and as always IceYolo and #<3 were intertwined! I'm amazed how people put such an effort into the event and can have fun at the same. We have partied so hard that even stereos were damaged at the end. However, we were willing to continue the night! 

For me, it is the definition of IceYolo: when it comes to the party, everybody knows how to play here because the feeling for each other is more than just being colleagues ( #<3 ). Once again, I understand the love which all these people have for each other, the company and what they do. Thanks to the love, there is IceYolo!

I feel so lucky to be here, and I can't imagine how the founders would have been feeling...