After 4 months of close collaboration, IceMobile and Canadian retailer IGA are proud to announce: My IGA Stamps!

Yann Gunther
Saudamini Tambay

This is the first Bright Stamps implementation in Canada, but most importantly the first 100% digital promotion powered by IceMobile. 

100% digital provides all the convenience of digital stamps collection, simplicity/efficiency for retailer and end-consumer, and maximum fraud prevention.

IGA is based in the Canadian and French speaking Quebec region, where the retailer operates 290 participating stores. IGA’s customers are bilingual and used to switch between French and English. IceMobile therefore added a new feature allowing to change the display language within the app.

In addition, we ensured that the My IGA Stamps app (Timbres IGA in French) seamlessly integrates with IGA’s existing app and website. We created an app design that fully integrates IGA’s visual identity, and added a new app switching functionality for smooth transition from My IGA Stamps to the IGA app.

Besides the My IGA Stamps app, IceMobile provides IGA a fully responsive website ( The website mirrors all the key features of the app and allows universal access to all promotion details.

Download My IGA Stamps app:

App Store / Google Play Store

Promotion website by IceMobile: