intern journey


Let me tell you about my exciting journey at IceMobile!

To begin, I came to IceMobile for the first time during the summer of 2017. I was studying computer science in France and I luckily found this company while searching for tech companies in the Netherlands. I sent a spontaneous application to apply as a web intern developer and after the interviewing process, I landed here! I wanted to do this internship in Amsterdam because I was curious about the culture, the country and wanted to improve my English. I have never done much traveling so I wasn’t really comfortable for my first day at IceMobile. But upon arrival, I remember everybody was super nice to me and made me feel much more confident.

I started my first internship in June and from the very beginning, there were many things to do. In the first place, there was a special onboarding process for the newbies to get to know the company and the people who I was going to be working with. I was in the front end development team and my project was about chatbots (you can also find the article here). Chatbots are robots able to have a conversation with a human via messaging applications. I realised how useful and efficient chatbots are, which explains why this field is emerging so much. The initial beginning of my internship was to do some researches about chatbots on Facebook, Telegram and Wechat. At the end of my 3 months internship, I developed a Facebook bot for the Punch Card team which retrieved data from the customers in order to customize their offers. It was a really interesting subject and I really learned a lot.

A great thing about living in Amsterdam is that it is home to a large number of meetups all over the city. I attended some meetups about chatbots but also about artificial intelligence. During these meetups, I had the opportunity to be introduced to lots of people within that field and I could share my experience.

intern journey


It’s good to know that working is not the only important thing at IceMobile. Sharing experiences with people from various cultures and having fun together is also essential. That’s why people show interest in proposing lots of things to do, from basketball and kickboxing to volleyball on the beach. All of these activities are a nice way to get to know all of the people inside the company but also to clear your head afterwork.

As you can imagine I was pretty sad when I approached the end of my internship. But fortunately, with my studies, I must complete another internship before graduation (6 months this time). Thus I returned to IceMobile this February to start my second internship. As the first time, it was the same warming welcome and I was happy to see many familiar faces again… some new smiling faces too! About my new internship subject, once again I returned to the web team but this time I’m developing microgames on Unity and with Javascript (to create the smallest and most efficient application as possible). I’m also working on progressive web applications which is the latest up and coming development throughout the tech community.

Because of the winter conditions, I could see the Amsterdam canals turning into a skating rink which was pretty impressive! But besides that, we were not able to engage in many sports at IceMobile or outing after work. We are counting down the seconds until the sun comes out again and temperatures rise. But to keep us busy, there are Dutch lessons within the company. I’m finally learning more things about the Dutch culture than I expected.

Now as we speak, I have just been here for 2 months and enjoying every second as much as the first time! And besides all the good things and activities IceMobile offers, I’m fortunate to be able to join the ski trip which takes place in Austria, mid-April. I will also participate in the creation of the aftermovie of this trip. I’m really looking forward going there!

These are just a few of my amazing experiences at IceMobile. As you can see, I am still having a great time here with 4 months left (at least) to learn, meet new people and continue to enjoy everything here!

Stéphanie Alix
Intern journey